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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
make sure you push forward when you slice a ball that has no pace.
Originally Posted by Tennisguy3000 View Post
/\ This
Also agreed. If the ball's coming at you hard you just have to rip across it. If it has no pace then you have to have more forward motion in your swing.

The modern slice (it's not just Fed) is a great shot in general. You can get wicked spin on the ball that can be hard for your opponent to handle, even the though the ball is not going any where near as fast as with a topspin ground stroke. The net clearance is much less than with a ts groundie so that can increase ufes, but swing path is generally simpler so that helps mitigate some of the risk.

I find the lower balls easier to handle. You can sweep across the ball and put a lot of side spin on it. If you're more aggressive with the racquet the shot can be more effective, but you can hit a pretty safe shot with good back and side spin on the lower balls.

I've found that you have to be aggressive with it when it's high. Otherwise you're just blocking it back one handed without a lot of spin. Those balls get pounded, often for winners, so I try not to do that.
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