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Golfer's Elbow (GE) is more likely that TE (tennis elbow) with serves. Try a search in this forum for more info on GE. You may be squeezing the grip too tightly -- it should be fairly loose/relaxed for the most part. A grip size that is too small or too large for your hand could be a contributing factor for GE. Serve mechanics, frame shock and stiff strings (like polyester) can also be major contributors for elbow crunch.

If you are currently using polyester or Kevlar strings, look for a softer string and consider stringing at a looser tension. You want a racket that is neither too heavy, nor too light for your arm. Take a look at swingweights for rackets rather than just the static weight of the racket. TW publishes measured swingweights (SW) for the rackets that they carry. You probably want something that is lower than the SW of your current BLX 6.1 Tour but stay away from rackets that have a SW lower than 300. (Do not look at the SW figures that printed on some frames, such as Prince racquets. Those are SW figures for an unstrung frame and cannot be compared to the measured SW figures that TW and other sites publish).

Avoid most Babolat frames. Some very arm-friendly racquets:

Volkl V1 Classic
Prince O3 Hybrid Shark MP (sold for under $80 on TW?)
Prince ExO3 Tour 100 (comes in an open pattern or dense pattern)
Prince ExO3 Rebel 95 (a bit higher weight & SW than others in this list)
ProKennex -- various frames in the Kinetic (or Ionic) series

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