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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
We've both been debating BobbyOne about Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, so I'm just going to give my own two cents here and say that I do not consider his opinions on modern tennis to be worthless. If I had thought the view to be worthless, I would not have engaged it as far as I did.

Thinking an opinion is wrong is not the same thing as thinking it worthless.

Of course there's a LOT of distance between my views on Fed/Nad/Djok and BobbyOne's view. But I'm happy to say now that he's admitted some error (which takes some character), there is LESS distance between our views. That's enough for me.

Just my two cents.
look, I'll differentiate b/w two cases here :

when opinions are somewhere near reality and could be debated upon ... , for example, I'd say safin's level of play at the AO when playing well is up there with anyone else, including federer, agassi, djoker and better than that of lendl ,sampras, becker etc ..... this is well backed up by his performances at AO 2004,05 ...even if he has only one AO ...

but if someone were to say that safin, when playing well would defeat anyone on grass including federer, sampras, mac, becker, borg etc ... well then there's bound to be some laughter and criticism ...

BobbyOne's opinion is like the 2nd kind ...

if BobbyOne *actually* did some more research on the records on his own and said that he did so or admitted he hasn't watched many matches of federer at his peak or said he'd like to watch more matches before getting back on that, I'd say *that* takes some character. Not just changing views because a few of us here told so ...

reading and thinking on others PoVs is well and good, that's just one step, but one needs to actually do some research on their own .....

just for another example, I think some of TMF's points on tennis history and players of the history are plainly laughable ..he's seen quite a bit in the 2000s , but not before ... Therefore I wouldn't pay that much attention to his points regarding tennis before 2000 or so .....

only in BobbyOne's case, its worse as he claims he's "studied" players from many generations , including the present one .. yet if he comes up with points like nadal's/djoker's peak level of play is much better than federer's (can you imagine the laughter from nadal/djoker if they ever heard anything like that !? ) ,well ......

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