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I make a few suggestions:

1. Use conti grip on both sides - you can shift BH grip a bit more toward EBH but basically conti on both FH and BH
2. Shorten the hand movement. You can hit a crisp volley with a 6" to 12" hand movement. You hand is moving much more, sometimes several feet.
3. Think catch or stop when contact the volley. Not punch. Less is more.
4. Open the strings a bit and use a small downward, and outside to inside motion. Contact outside of ball and go through contact to inside of ball. A bit of across motion but remember the hand only moves 6-12 inches
5. Hand moves in unison with arm and the stroke originates at the shoulder - no manipulation of the elbow or wrist - grip can be relaxed but arm/forearm/wrist/hand move as a unit from shoulder.
6. When you finish, the stringbed should be pointing almost at the target - just a bit inside of the target as you use a wee bit of across movement in the volley. Try a drill where you stop your hand to let the strings stop at a point where the are facing the target. Basically, stop with the strings facing the target. This will give you "still hands" and that's what you want at the net - no extra movemnt.

1. Get you and your partner about 2-3 feet inside the service line and volley cooperatively to sustain a 20 ball rally.
2. Split court in 1/2 - service line to sideline. Start in position like drill #1 and play out volley points to a game of 11. You cannot win a point on the feed - feed has to be good not too high and not too low.
3. Partner at baseline and you with heels on service line. baseliner feeds ball, you move in to volley from a deeper position, then follow the direction of your shot and move closer to net. Baseliner hits ball back to you and you try to end the point on the 2nd volley. Basically, approach volley from deep position and end point on 2nd volley.

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