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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
I would suggest play-testing the Pro 1 with the 10 gram buttcap & the 5 gram alongside its stock set up. The 10 gram buttcap setup is what won me over. I could have added weight the Bio Max 200G but once it was too late. My Pro 1's weigh in at 11.9 & 12oz. I didn't think I could or wanted a 12oz racquet but it is working out great. Makes me want to try more in this weight class.
I'll try adding some lead to the butt of my Pro 1. Not sure I want to pay $30 for the weight kit? Wouldn't 10g of lead at the butt do the same?. Or I could tape 2 nickels inside the buttcap (they weigh 5 g's ea)
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