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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
Hi Jack. I can't remember if you tried the Vcore 98D last year. I have just picked up a new Vcore Xi 98 and will report back.
Still have the Warrior 100 floating around in the back of my head too!

ps. I no longer have racket dilemnas. I have accepted that I am a full blown racketoholic and finding "the one" would not infact stop be buying and trying other rackets. That said, with all the expensive rackets I have, the bargain Microgel Radical Team is my favourite match racket at the moment. Kind of makes me feel like a fraud having played with so many 'players' sticks but it does feel remarkably solid due to even balance and good SW.
yes I liked the Vcore 98, but I am staying away from stiff racquets (68 and up) right now.

about liking your Rad Team the best...there is no correlation between price and racquet preference. The ball doesn't know how much you spent . Plus a racquet is 75% strings anyway.
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