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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
where is the illogical part in the cancer example?

'seems inexperienced'... you are being polite again... no, I don't coach for a living, so in that sense I am inexperienced..

but logical thinking is an independent quality.
It is illogical to think that having cancer would make a doctor a better with
treating cancer, as compared to say...a far more experienced Doc who had successfully
treated many patients with cancer.
Imo it is illogical to think that merely having had cancer alone would make a doc
better. That doc likely trusted a experienced cancer doc to treat him and likely
would be a completely different type of doc, since that is only one of many kinds
of Doc. He also likely had a different cancer since there are so many
types and likely each of them had only one type.
But those ARE good examples of the things like we see in your stat analysis
on serving. Major unsound assumptions..illogical conclusions.
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