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Originally Posted by Wegner View Post
From Wikipedia:

"As a young player, Kuerten first learned from Carlos Alves. Alves would continue to coach Kuerten for the next 8 years. When he was 14 years old, Kuerten met Larri Passos who would be his coach for the following 15 years. Passos convinced Kuerten and his family that the youth was talented enough to make a living out of playing tennis. The two started traveling all over the world to participate in junior tournaments. Kuerten turned professional in 1995."

Carlos Alves first invited me to Brazil in 1982, and I worked with him and his 60 kid student body both in in his Brazil academy in ASTEL, Florianopolis, through the 1980s, and in the South Florida tournament circuit until December 1991, when Guga got to the quarters of the Orange Bowl 14s. Carlos Alves has given me several acknowledgements in writing as to the work we did, which included Guga until December 1991. Some are posted in my website.

Suresh, did you notice that the Wikipedia article says that Passos started with Guga when he was 14? What about the story that Passos was with Guga since he was 8? No mention of it anymore? That Guga's father had asked Passos to coach his kid? Guga's father died from a heart attack when Guga was 8 (mid 80s), while umpiring a junior match at a tournament in Itajai. I doubt that Guga's father knew him. Passos was from Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the very south of Brazil, and did not appear around Florianapolis until the late 80s.
Thanks for the clarification. I would like to see a verified source other than on your web page.

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