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Originally Posted by Chotobaka View Post
For portability, how about a table-top crank or, better yet, a Stringway? Guys that go mobile will use a suitable generator for an electronic rig. What really critical emergency does some yobbo with a Wise at home expect to encounter? If you do not have power at home you probably are facing bigger issues than stringing an effin' tennis racquet. Sweet Jesus, the absolutely stupid unrealistic stuff people come up with. Dumb and dumber.
Before this starts getting personal. I've talked to some stringers with a Wise outside of the US where brownouts are a normal occurance. I would not call it as you say a "critical emergency" but a fact life.

Ice Cube once said, "Yo better check yo self, before yo wreck yo self!" Before calling people stupid, check your own statements before hitting the reply button.
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