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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Have you used nylon? If yes, what tension?

Assuming you are using 10% lower on poly compared to nylon, I'd say go 15-20% higher.

In my case, I needed 20 hours of (match) playing time in order to get used to playing characteristic of natural gut before I get fully confident with it.

Then I had couple of zoning experiences with it. Pure nirvana it was.
Yes. +10% poly to multi, +10% or so multi to gut (depends on which gut).
So, starting at 47, my first guess would be 57 lbs. Go up or down from there depending on what you like/don't like about the stringbed.

For a 98sqin racket, I'd go to mid-60's for gut and it would feel comfortable and powerful, but I'm about 5 lbs higher on my poly tensions. Don't be afraid to go higher than the initial 57 if you want more control, it will still be powerful and comfortable in the 60's. (Some guts break a lot at higher tensions, so if you go much over 57, you will have to get a high quality gut.)

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