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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Haven't tried the 99 but took my new X-Platinum 94. Apart from 5 minutes to adjust my strokes to an 18 x 20 string pattern (from a 14 x 18 on my POG mid), the X-Plat 94 was flawless. I haven't hit that consistently ever.

Groundies, overheads, volleys - Superb. I didn't get to serve but hopefully I'll do that this week.

BTW it may be heavy at 335 g unstrung, but the weight wasn't felt at all as it swings so effortlessly.
Donnay puts out an amazing racquet.

Thanks Kal!!
yea the x platinum 94 is awesome. in the dual series i like the platinum 99 better though. the x-platinum has a majority of the weight in the handle, so it swings a lot lighter than the listed weight of 335g
4 PS97. My shoulder decided enough was enough with the heavy frames
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