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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
knights of Columbus! what is this rare beast you have corralled?
Is this one of the James Blake's personal stock you've obtained?

Not to derail but I've had this (pics below) for quite some time. Still not quite sure what it is.
The beam is slightly thinner than the Pro 1. Head size is slightly larger. maybe 102. I was thinking it was an X-P Dual Tour prototype. the plastic piece in the throat is weird. not sure what it is. any thoughts?

i believe blake plays a 16x19, where as this is an 18x20. i can't give all the details on the frame, but I have 2 of them. Considerably heavier than the retail pro one, and the feel is amazing. Grommets seem a little higher quality, and the headguard on the top is longer than the retail version as well. The paint on the frame is also glossy "like" a head prestige, so the foil lettering and things should not chip off as easily. I am waiting to see if this holds true, but really enjoyed hitting with it yesterday.

your frame in the pictures does look like the x-p dual prototypes. They were considering putting the D shape in the throat for a short time before realizing it would be a mistake. It was supposed to be a gimmick dampener. Very happy they didn't end up putting it into production.
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