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Originally Posted by フェデラー View Post
Ugh the RF shorts thing really ****es me off. I know it might be silly, the difference between a clasp and a stretchable waist band but they are just so much nicer. I think 2010 was the last year they sold them as I have Roger's 2010 Miami shorts which are really great looking. As for the wristbands, they aren't even selling wristbands on TWE for the 2013 AO. I've already said this a million times, but I wish Nike would just release premier wristbands and double the price because they are "premier", hell I'd buy them. I already pay more than that on resale for them. Guess we're going to have to wait for IW/Miami exclusives.
I mean they know that we want the gear and want to throw a whole look together, but yet they refuse to do it. I would think with all the money they make on the RF Polos and shirts not to mention the Rafa line, they would get wise and sell the shorts..
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