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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
Rock, care to elaborate?

It isn't exactly headlight (3HL), it has a nice open spin friendly string pattern etc.

I've found it quite solid from the baseline.
I just get late on every groundstroke with it, and I rely more on timing than spin to get my power (though I won't deny that it has great spin potential). Hit a few groundies with it and then switched to the Max 200G (the 80's one) and I improved massively, getting the power I wanted coupled with the control I lacked with the Speed. I just get to the ball better and actually quicker with that than the Speed. Since return games are played on the baseline (and some second serves aswell), I just want something that works everywhere which makes me a bit sad that I smashed my Mega Age racquets... They had the power and control of the Max yet the forgiveness with a larger headsize.

The Max feels more plow-y in a weird and unexplanatory way, if you've ever played with one you know what I mean. I can just pick it up and use it on every area of the court with success. I'll perhaps tinker with some lead and a few overgrips and see if I can remedy the situation. Should be very heavy and very headlight.

Ah well. I am a serve and volleyer and it works for that purpose. I can always switch racquets when returning!
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