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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
I...don't know about that.

In fact I highly doubt it.

You obviously have never done any competitive running or have any concept of elite levels of competition.

In 2011 the #100 best 5k time runner in high school ran a 15:20.

Keep in mind this was a cross country race not straight track so the times are actually higher than they would be on a track. The guy who ran this 15:20 ran a 4:10 1600 meters (mile equivalent) IF anybody on the planet can run a 4:10 mile without any training, they have a future in the olympics.

Exactly who among the ATP can run that fast? If you think it is that easy go out and run a 5k and let me know your time. The average 5k time for athletic adult males is close to 30 minutes. The difference between 15:20 and 16-17 minutes is HUGE. If you beat someone by that much time they would be so far behind you that on most cross country courses if you turned around you would not even be able to see them. A pro tennis player beating an elite level high school cross country runner in a long distance race is about as likely as a 5 star tennis player losing a tennis match to a professional runner.

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