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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Hazard was good throughout, which is good to see. Going to play away at Stoke in your first season is usually a tough wake up call for a player new to the League, especially in January when it's -10 and freezing! I know he's more used to this kind of weather than someone from a warmer climate, but still.
Yeah he's been great. But that's to be expected after what he's done already so far and after his transfer fee.

Shame to see Mou trying to get himself fired in the way he has been, his selection today was awful - the commentators blamed it due to the suspension of Ronaldo but I think that has nothing to do with it, he should haven't of started Modric, and if he wanted to, he should have started with Ozil, Kaka and Modric in the front. The way to win away to a team like Osasuna in the rain is to retain possession, move the ball about in the midfield and create chances and look to break the other team down, and then late into the game throw on wingers and they'll run through the opposition at ease. Awful planning, awful selection, awful tactics. Shame Mou is doing this to such a historic and successful club like Madrid. I like the guy but that's just poor form. I have a feeling that they'll get very far in Europe this year though. Mou's teams often peak the year he leaves, even at Chelsea, where they made it to the Champions League Final the year he was fired.

All credit to Osasuna though, they fought like dogs out there. Good for their fans too.
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