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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
From what I've observed it's the other way around. This makes some sense: those who use players racquets are likely to have more than one and probably use a bag, whereas the more casual player will turn up to the court with their single frame in the cover.

You may also find availability differs according to market expectation. As robbo1970 noted, the majority of racquets still ship with a cover in the UK. It wouldn't be the first regional difference; I've never found a reason for why Europeans get sold balls in tubes of 4, whereas Americans have 3.

That said, I never use the cover any more. Maybe as I get older and become a weekend warrior.
good point about how serious players are more likely to use bags.
as far as regional differences are concerned, we europeans have happily arrived at 3-ball tubes. donīt know about the u.k.
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