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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
Sure. Sorry, I don't really read this section often.

For me this string is nothing special. It felt softer to me than some of the stiffer polys like Signum Pro Tornado but it wasn't as comfy as multis I've used e.g. MCS, NRG2, TGV, X-One or soft polys, like Polyfibre Black Venom, for that matter.

To tell you the truth I wouldn't recommend it to players with arm problems.
And I really am stumped by this. I mean the data suggest it's close to gut... in my short experience with it, it's not... not by a country mile.

It didn't provide as much spin as polys or Head RIP Control.
It had controllable power and I had good sense of where the ball was going, no problem with depth or length.

The thing is I only tested it in a full bed and as such it didn't shine in any department for me. Maybe except the fact the strings didn't notch as much as multis. This made me wonder how it would work in a hybrid.
Hmm, what a strange string. Thanks for your report Automatix!
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