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Originally Posted by Emet74 View Post

Fed likes some classical music as well, though I don't think opera. But he's had Beethoven and Chopin pieces on his i-pod. And last year he went with his mom to a Beethoven violin concert in Rotterdam for her b-day. OK, it was a b-day outing for her but doubt they would have gone if he hated that kinda stuff.

Anyway, that said, of course Djoko is more intellectual than Fed and Nadal - I thought that was common knowledge? That's obvious from his interviews, the types of movies he sees etc.

Nadal at least does read some books though; Fed isn't a book-reader at all and when he talks about movies it's usually James Bond kinda stuff. "Good Will Hunting" is about as "arty" as he goes to my knowledge anyway.
That's a bit judgemental- just because someone doesn't read books and likes James Bond doesn't mean they're not an intellectual. Hell discussing how 'intellectual' players are is pretty pointless. For all we know Fed might watch documentaries on Nietzche right after matches
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