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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
I've been playing with Co-Focus off and on since last summer, and yeah it's hard to beat. I've recently found something that fits my specific needs a little better. I'm absolutely sure Polyfiber HiTec 18 is more comfortable than Co-Focus 1.18. I'm saying this with certainty because I have been trading off with both set ups, at identical initial tensions (58/53) in identical frames, from the same package of gut mains. A bit more tension loss, but is still right in line with your average poly. That's a good trade off for me. I've got more to try, but it's the one to beat so far.
The Polyfiber is VERY soft poly. Given that it appears you are using a FULL poly hybrid, that makes sense. Using the MSV C0F also makes a bit more sense if you are using GUT mains - which was the theme of this thread, "Low Friction Poly Xs for Gut Mains". With gut, you can get a poly that is TOO soft to blend effectively with the gut IMO.
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