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Default Problem stringing RIP Control 16

Hello guys/ladies,

I would like some help from you regarding Stringing Techniques for Head RIP Control. I will explain my situation first.
I live in a small city, close to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and here we just have one person that does string jobs. Since good string here in Brazil costs about R$ 50,00 (U$ 25), I decided to bring some string from US a few months ago. I bought 5 sets of PPA and 7 sets of RIP Control. For some unknown reasons, the stringer mentioned above cannot string with Rip Control. He has been stringing my racquets for 1 year and I've never had any problems with his string jobs. He stringed all my 5 PPA with no problems at all, but the 2 times he tried to string my racquet with RIP Control, he destroyed my string when tying it. He says that after he ties the knot and the machine pulls the string, the string just gets destroyed. Now I have 5 sets of RIP and I cannot use them!!
Does anyone know what might be happening? Is there a diferent technique that must be used when stringing with RIP Control?
Some help from you would be great. Thanks in advance,

PS: Sorry about my poor English.

Luiz Fernando Melao
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