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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
My latest trial... had a set of Luxilon M2 Pro 1.25 that I've never gotten around to using. Had a feeling this could be a great cross string to gut.

Initial impressions are very good: played 2 matches, and the string definitely is nowhere near the stiffness levels of usual Lux strings. Also, as with most Luxilon offerings, the surface is extremely slippery (they use teflon in their strings, right?), but the real kicker is that the comfort is also great.

As I've tried a number of poly crosses to Gut mains (From stiff ALU to buttery soft WC MB), the M2 Pro crosses have a great blend of that "luxilon control", without the usual harshness/lack of feel that I had found with ALU crosses. Not quite as soft or powerful as the MBite, but definitely a nice feeling stringbed that didn't require any break-in or display any noticeable performance drop over the course of two matches. I'll update any changes as they come.
VS/M2Pro hybrid was my go-to setup for over a year before I switched to another.

This is a very comfortable setup, but M2 Pro had to be strung up as high as regular synthetic gut in order to find the acceptable level of control. (This would be great for you, since you like to keep the tension bet mains and crosses very close)

Also, the tension drop on the M2 Pro was so enormous that I always had to cut it out after 2 hitting sessions.

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