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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I don't find kick serves a problem. They always seem to be angling out and counter spin works. This guy's spin is very straight. The counter spin would be to hit it perfectly up with a horizontal racket, which is not possible.

I think it is too difficult to explain and this guy is not like anyone you might have encountered.
As I understand your main questions are

1. How can you eliminate incoming ball’s spin?

2. How can you create your own desirable ball’s spin?

1. IMO, the easiest way to eliminate incoming ball’s spin is hard hitting through the ball (big normal component) around sweet spot – flat stroke. This creates digging effect. The ball digs into string bed, strings hug the ball very hard and stop ball’s rotation. The ball’s outgoing direction will coincide with normal to the racquet’s face. This approach a lot of pros apply very successfully in case of swing volley and kick serve return. Good example is Sharapova. She absolutely doesn’t care about the type of incoming ball’s spin as soon as she is able to meet the ball around sweet spot.

2. If you want create your own spin, just add desirable tangential component to the racquet velocity.

You better forget about creating counter spin by using vertical or whatever tangential component because it is very difficult to control.
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