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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
Well it does not always perfectly stop but it does slow down a lot.

I do this pretty naturally because I learned this as I did discus throwing. In discus throwing you learn to pull the left elbow back and down into the left rib and then suddenly stop that motion to create a "block" to throw against.

this pulling first accelerated the left shoulder and then fixes it so that you have something solid to pull against.

you can also feel that the shoulder rotation is increasing the stretch of the pec which is also slowing down the shoulders (till the arm stys back like an anchor).

this is the kinetic chain
I was shadow swinging and tried the left elbow thing. Now i realize exactly what you mean. When you pull your left elbow/shoulder back, your right side need to follow due to torso stretching and this pushes your hitting side in an order, easy shot. I also realize why all the pros pull their non hitting arm back before making the hit. I always thought they do it for better timing but now everything is clear, i mean everything. Thank you again.
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