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Originally Posted by Arthuro View Post
Sure...I think it is one of the top flex and comfort racquets I have played with. I decided to not go with Donnay only after I got sponsored, so compared to:

1. The Wilson K Blade Tour: The Donnay has more plow through and better touch by far. You don't have the pop feeling of the wilson frames, but it pockets and accelerates much better in my opinion.

2. The Prince 2009 Rebel: This is a close call. The Donnay has a better stock feel with the leather and solidness of the frame. With about 8 grams of lead, the Prince stick rose to the challenge, but the feel of the Donnay was superior.

3. The Prince 2012 Rebel: Same as the 2009. If find that the specs I have now with the Exo3 ports gives me more HL advantage, more spin, etc, but again the Donnay outperforms stock.

Overall: The Donnay is a superior stock frame and customization is easy because of the grommets and but caps. When I posted about them 2 years ago, there was not much interest. I was actually trying to sell one really cheap, but no interest. I think this racquet will inevitably be the one that got away because it is a great frame. I looks gorgeous, and plays like a soft and solid players racquet.

Thanks a lot, this is such good insight ! Your comparison with the KBlade is very useful, too, cause I play with them lately. Will probably buy 1 of those platinums to fool around with

However, I really still don't understand the listed 295 SW !!
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