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Originally Posted by babyhagrid View Post
Didn't Lacoste sponser Isner & Roddick? Correct me if wrong but Leconte and Arthur Ashe also wore Lacoste clothes.
Yes. and let us not forzhay Guy Forget et Thierry Tulasne.

Arthur Ashe probably did wear some Lacoste in the late 60s, but generally wore Fred Perry before having his own brand with the red and blue A with the little spot in the middle.
Then, as an elder statesman, he wore Le Coq Sportif as did one of his young friends, Yannick Noah.

Back to Berdych, I know he was known to wear that Nike hat with the elastic parts on the side. WOnder if he'll get paintjobs of that hat when/if he switches brands.
I can see one of the Storied Italian brands picking him up. Maybe Diadora? Tacchini? Ellesse? FILA?
Or adidas, which would promulgate some of the Safin comparisons.
It'd be cool to see him wearing Topper or Auztralian...or ALBA or TTK, which seem to be popular in his part of the world (central Europe).

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