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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Jack, Yeah man, that $30.00 smakeroos kinda stings. But here's some things to consider.

1. If you ever put lead at 3:00 and 9:00 you better plan on leaving it there forever, because when you remove it, the silver metallic paint located there is likely to come off with it. You wont have that issue with the slides however, because they fit into the outside of the bumpers / grommets.

2. Because they are solid core, you wont be able to put silicone in the pallet. That means you have to put your tailweight on the outside, under the grip. Anytime you do that, you've got the be strategic about altering the grip size too much. +10 buttcap is a big help with that issue, because 10 grams of lead is 40 inches of tape. That can get problematic very quickly if you are finicky about grip feel. To get to -12 points I use the +10 buttcap, and another 10-15 grams of lead right on the outside of buttcap, that gives me the flared, hockey stick feel that I like, without altering the core grip size. Stock balance is about -4.5 points. Iv'e found that tail weighting to -8 is pretty awesome, but right around -12 the stick is right in my golden zone.

Like you I was interested in obtaining the lightest, and most headlight frames. I have found that TW only carries 2-3 at most of each grip size. You might luck out, because getting just 1-2 frames in your spec range is going to be a whole lot easier than finding 3-4 in the specs you like. Of course try TW first, but if all else fails you might try ordering directly. I was able to get a set of 6 of the extremely rare 65ra, and all are under spec for mass and balance. Had to wait three months for them to roll off the line, but I got em. By the way, welcome back.

- The Other Jack
thanks for all the info Jack. Not a problem about ruining the silver lettering...I have no desire to add any weight to the hoop. I wonder if there's anything we can do with a new racquet to protect that delicate lettering? How about some clear nail polish or some other way to seal it?

Where do you buy the weight kits from anyway? Directly from Donnay?
I would like to try the 5g one first?

Anyway I am loving the Pro 1 today. I played 2 great sets of singles today against a much better player and he barely beat me 5-7, 5-7 and I was up 5-2 in the 1st and 3-0 in the 2nd. Gotta stop letting up when I get the lead!
But the Pro 1 performed great.
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