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Default Mid Level Gut Playtest


I've been hitting with gut mains / poly crosses for over 5 years now. I've tried many different combinations and tensions over the years, but for the past 6 months have used Pacific Classic @ 54lbs / MSV Co. Focus crosses at 52lbs. Because I am frugal, my gut choices lean towards the cheaper, mid-range brands (i.e. $25 -> $30).

Perusing the TW site, I noticed a few new additions to their Gut offerings:
  • KLIP Legend Tour
  • KLIP Armour Pro
  • Boris Becker Hero
I realize the Becker Hero has been around for a while, but for some reason I've never tried it.

Having a $60 credit at TW, I decided to use it towards a gut/poly playtest. To be clear, this is a playtest of mid-range gut ($25 -> $32), crossed with MSV Co. Focus, not a test of 'which gut/poly combo is the best'. Co. Focus was used because that is my current poly cross, and I only wanted to change one variable: the gut.

All racquets were strung by me at 54lbs for the gut mains, 52lbs for the poly crosses, using my Alpha Revo 4000 + Wise 2086:

The Pacific and both KLIP guts are 17g. The Becker Hero is 16L because that was all they offered. For the record, I omitted the Babolat Tonic + because it only came in 16g. I prefer thinner gauge gut.

Because I only have 3 frames, my first test included KLIP Legend Tour, KLIP Armour Pro, and Pacific Classic as my 'baseline':

For the record, I'm a 44yr old 4.5 rated player who plays predominantly from the baseline (along the lines of a Ferrer or Baghdatis). In case anyone cares, I've hit with a few members here (mikeler, downs_chris, auzzieism) who can vouch for my level.

EDIT: Here are quick links to the reviews:

KLIP Armour Pro:
Part 1
Part 2
KLIP Legend Tour:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Pacific Classic:
Part 1
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