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KLIP Armour Pro:

Stringing: This was the easiest to string of all the guts. Barely any coil memory, which resulted in almost a 0% chance of kinking it. The poly crosses slid along effortlessly. So much so that during the stringing, I felt as if I was stringing full poly. Tension right off the machine was spot-on:

Initial Hit: My first hit wasn't pleasant. There was a distinctive 'ping' when hitting, and I couldn't get it out of my mind that I was playing full poly. Serves seemed OK, but ground strokes felt like I was lacking serious power. There was practically no feel on the volleys. I only played 1 set of doubles with it, but was not impressed at all. I put it back in the bag, thinking maybe it just needed a while to settle. Tension immediately after 1 hit:

The next day, I took another reading, just to see how it settled:

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