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KLIP Armour Pro: (continued)

Second Hit:: My second hit with this string was singles against a hard hitting Del Potro style player. I had hoped the drop in tension would be beneficial to both the feel and the power. Wow, was I wrong. Again, this string plays nothing like gut. If I had to give it a tagline, it would be 'Poly feel, but at the price of Gut'. It was almost impossible to generate any power off the ground, which is hard to believe since my opponent likes to serve ~ 120MPH, followed by a huge forehand. This usually gives me plenty of power to feed off.

I was able to get some good pop on my serve, but I quickly realized it was because I was swinging about as hard as I could. This seriously affected my arm/shoulder strength after just 4 games. Spin was OK, but feel was almost non existent. My arm & shoulder began to hurt after just 1 set, something that has never happened with any gut/poly combination in the past. Here's the tension after the 2nd hit:

Durability: I'm sure this string will last a long time, but I won't know because it is about to be cut out of my frame as I type this. The coating rubs off after just two sets, as you can see from this photo:

Conclusion: IMO, not worth the money, even at half the price. It strings like poly, feels like poly, plays like poly, and probably has the durability of poly. So why spend $32 for it? Not sure where KLIP was going with this, but I don't like it.
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