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KLIP Legend Tour:

Stringing: The coating on this made it easier to string that normal KLIP Legend. Like Armour Pro, it had barely any coil memory and the poly crosses slid along effortlessly. Not as smooth as the Armour Pro, but more so than Pacific Classic. Again, tension right off the machine was spot-on:

Initial Hit: The first hit with this was more promising that the Armour Pro. There was still a distinctive 'ping' when hitting, but it went away after the first 30 seconds. Serves were real nice: plenty of power and spin, and I had no problem holding during the doubles match. I don't serve huge (I'm only 5ft 9in), but like to move it around the box, and the string responded nicely. Volleys were also solid: good feel & control. My returns were solid, dipping when I needed it, and driving deep when I needed it. Tension immediately after 1 hit:

The next day, I took another reading, just to see how it settled:

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