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KLIP Legend Tour: (continued)

Second Hit:: My second hit with this string was singles against the same player I hit against with the Armour Pro. In fact, it was the 2nd set of our match after I had pretty much shredded my shoulder with the Armour Pro.

I was looking forward to hitting with this string after my doubles match. It was very promising, especially since I've used regular KLIP Legend in the past and found it so-so. Even with my shoulder as tired as it was, I noticed an increase in power & spin right away. Serves popped off just they had in the doubles match. Ground strokes had more depth, spin and power. But the most significant change was the feel. It felt like I was hitting with gut again. Here's the tension after the 2nd hit:

Durability: This one I will play with a few more times in the coming weeks & will keep updating as I go. I likely won't get the full idea of durability as I normally don't play until the string breaks (unless its clay), but can at least compare the notching to my Pacific Classic setup. Like the Armour Pro, the coating rubs off after just two sets, as you can see from this photo:

Conclusion: This is a viable alternative to Pacific Classic, which on occasion has been on backorder. It costs the same as Classic ($29.95), plus, you get a cool color in black. I will likely hold on to the 2nd half of the set until spring and try it on clay to see what its true durability is.
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