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hey guys.

are you guys discussing how to return a heavy topspin shot? or are you talking about slice or maybe even side spin?

just hit the ball fast enough and the spin it has won't "roll over" your racquet face. you may have to adjust depending on how high the incoming ball is, the direction of it's travel and type of spin (before or after the bounce).

spin is only an issue in these scenarios:
1 - if you are not using high-racquet-head-speed, e.g. blocking a return, drop volley, dinking it over the net or other low racquet head speed feel shots. that's the only scenario where the spin affects contact in a material manner.
2 - (a) if you are hitting after the bounce and the spin places you in a difficult or unexpected position relative to the ball, or messes with your timing. e.g. kick serves, drop shots, trick backspin shots that head back towards the net, strong slices, unexpectedly heavy topspin balls that kick-up high or that kick forward after the bounce
2 - (b) the ball turns in the air and messes with your timing. e.g. sidespin slice.

to address scenario 1 you need either better technique/feel (i.e. practice) or better racquet head speed as appropriate.

to address scenario 2 you need to focus on the ball better and work on adjusting your timing to these shots.

this is all assuming that you are actually able to hit the shot that you want to use under normal circumstances.
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