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If it helps at all on tickets, last year was my first year. I went with Lower level reserved seats for 2 night sessions and one day session. This year, Im only buying GA tickets.

For me this is because, I loved the outer courts. My day session reserved ticket I never used, I was out watching a match on court 2 or three. The night session tickets are nice, but in mid weak, by the last match of the night, they just invite you down to fill seats anyway, so GA works for that.

Its a great place to watch tennis, however you go, I very much enjoyed myself. My only point is, if funds are tight, then GA tickets, may be a great value, or as in my case, all I need anyway, as I much prefer the outer courts.

Last quick point, they have a bag size limit stated on the web site. It is not enforced or even looked at as far as I can tell. I arrived early, and was walking around with my luggage for goodness sake.
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