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Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
i believe blake plays a 16x19, where as this is an 18x20. i can't give all the details on the frame, but I have 2 of them. Considerably heavier than the retail pro one, and the feel is amazing. Grommets seem a little higher quality, and the headguard on the top is longer than the retail version as well. The paint on the frame is also glossy "like" a head prestige, so the foil lettering and things should not chip off as easily. I am waiting to see if this holds true, but really enjoyed hitting with it yesterday.
Blake is an 18x20 guy. The only reason I thought it could be his is because it has a retail Pro 1 97 PJ. It could have come from a Philip Petzschner stash or some other Donnay endorsers pro stock whom they want pushing the Pro 1. I'm guessing if you were to weigh it that would help solve the mystery.
TT poster Miami Tiburon seems to always have inside knowledge concerning Donnay.

btw. this thread has pics of the James Blake's 'Donnay' (or Dunlop PJ) stick from a few seasons back
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