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1. IMO, the easiest way to eliminate incoming ballís spin is hard hitting through the ball (big normal component) around sweet spot Ė flat stroke. This creates digging effect. The ball digs into string bed, strings hug the ball very hard and stop ballís rotation. The ballís outgoing direction will coincide with normal to the racquetís face. This approach a lot of pros apply very successfully in case of swing volley and kick serve. Good example is Sharapova. She absolutely doesnít care about the type of incoming ballís spin as soon as she is able to meet the ball around sweet spot.
I agree with the 'hard hitting' part, but not the 'digging effect part'.

at impact the ball is trying to climb up the bed, while your low to high swing path is trying to counter that action by forcing the ball down the bed.... so there is merit in the 'hard hitting' so that the racket can dominate the ball.

but, the 'digging effect' is not what you want to persue... because the deeper the dig, the stronger the 'climbing' effect as well..

empirical evidence - to play against the same heavy topspin ball, it's much less effort using a crisp string bed like OGSM, than using a softer bed with natural gut.

it only makes sense - if heavy top comes in, and you hit it with a sheet of glass, there is no spin for you to overcome, as the ball simply cannot climb up the bed.
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