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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Sureshs, who has no problem bashing Oscar, still will not provide any of his credentials!

Answer now Suresh or don't post all your BS again. What are your credentials? How old are you? What is your rating? Let's see a video of your amazing skills before we here any more of your instruction.

Truth be known, you are a 2.0 who you admitted in a previous post that some little kids mom dropped him off to hit with you and he beat you! Yet you post a zillion post each day with your vast knowledge and have the gall to talk down to Oscar.

And where and what was this TW get together you supposedly were at? I could find nothing here on it.

From now on, every post you make, I will challenge you for your credentials.
Just to be clear:
I assume you know
TW Message Board Policies

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