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So I got my 99s and strung it up with pro hurricane tour 16. Went for a hit today and I'm thoroughly impressed. I've don't normally buy rackets without a demo or two but I figured I'd have no problem getting rid of it if I didn't like it. As others have said the launch angle is noticeably different and the topspin is incredible. It's definitely going to take a long time to get used to on serve because it swings much lighter than the club I have been hitting with and as of now it's a little tough to control. I also don't notice much more kick than normal but once I get it dialed in I'm sure I'll be getting some launch off the court. I'm not sure about the hurricane as a string for it I'm thinking 4G might be a great string for this stick even though my initial review of it for the playtest was t necessarily glowing.
What are some full poly jobs that people have used with this and how were they?

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