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I also just came back from playing this stick for most of the day. I enjoyed playing the stick, found enough stability and enough solidness from the frame. I found it was quite maneuverable and I was very comfortable at net which is something I was looking for in a new frame. Returns and serves were solid, definitely improvement from my PSTGT. One knock I had on the demo frame was that the string was pretty bad..(not sure if it was Head's new FXP Tour, but its black) I wasn't getting any comfort from the string bed.. it felt quite harsh even though its probably a soft co-poly. I'm feeling some pain/soreness in the muscle below my forearm which is common whenever I play a full poly bed. I feel like the stiffness is definitely highlighted with this frame and I would appreciate my normal set up much more with this stick (a hybrid of poly/gut). I was nailing my backhand.. my forehand needed some adjustments .. I was missing plenty of forehand down the line shots. Overall I was satisfied with this frame and I think I prefer it over the Blade (the other frame I'm demoing right now).

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Neil how would rate the stiffness compared to the previous IG and Youtek versions? Also Sonic Pro Edge is yet to be widely released but it sounds like it is a good match for this frame and may be even softer playing than the current Sonic Pro (something my ageing arm will appreciate!)?
I've never played with either versions extensively but I can tell you the racquet definitely does not feel plush or soft. I like the feel but I definitely will like my gut in my hybrid to soften up the string bed a bit more. I could never see myself playing full poly in this frame just for my arms sake.

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How does the new Speed compare to the IG YT Prestige MP and IG YT Prestige Pro???
Can't comment on this but I can definitely tell you that the Speed packs a bigger punch than the MP highlighted by the thicker beam. Not sure about the power level on the Pro. Little less control than the Prestige I'm sure. The only relation I have to the Prestige MP is being a former user of the FXP Prestige MP for more than 3-4 years. I flirted with the MG Prestige for close to a year before returning back to the FXP.

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