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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Finally came to a realization after some solid racquet and string experimentation - I love a boardy racquet setup. It is almost used sometimes as a bad word, but to me it is sublime. When you hit through the ball, the feel on the sweetspot is absolute bliss, and the control gives me a ton of confidence in a pressure situation.

What I notice is with softer setups, I have to brush more and use more spin to control the ball. With a tighter, boardy setup I can hit through the ball more and not overspin the ball. I also am able to hybrid my poly mains with a syn gut and therefore have a tighter tension which helps me do this even more.

The final equation is the 18x20 pattern. The tight pattern definitely feels better to me. I firmly believe open patterns are more launchy and lose ball feel. More strings = more feel for me.

What about spin you say? This is a setup for players that can hit with spin already and want to be able to come through the ball more. An 18x20 pattern makes you work a little harder for spin, but the result is a very penetrating ball that does not sit up, and instead kicks forward - speeding the ball up off the bounce. A lot of players dont see this ball as much so that is a nice bonus. a little less weight on the racquet can help generate this.

Anyway, the point of this thread is to find the best boardy control setup out there. Here is mine so far: 4G 17 and OGSM 16 at 52/54. I really would like to find a cheaper replacement for the 4g, but so far nothing has come close. I have tried Cyberflash/OGSM (too soft..not enough feel - but a solid budget option) Cyclone/NVY (too springy - Nvy is an amazing cross but not for a boardy setup).

Cost advantage of 4g is it holds tension for a long time. You can play this setup for close to 2 weeks. The control level is off the charts as well.

My next setup to challenge : Tour bite 17 and Wilson Stamina - 52/54.
I demoed the Head speed 18x20 with some multi full bed and I got nothing going with that stick. I think with 18x20 and "feel", you need natural gut in the formula.
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