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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
I'm sorry my post upset you, but it's 2013. It's easier to learn English than ever. Anyone who wants to be seen as world class individual speaks it. That was the consensus reached here.
The younger you are the easier it is to learn a new language. Nadal only started learning English in his late teens. I migrated to Australia from Europe 20 years ago when I was 4, I picked up English within a couple of weeks, my parents however still have a huge accent and struggle with pronouncing and spelling some words.

Nadal's English is good enough, just because he has a big accent and doesn't have an enormous English vocabulary doesn't make him any less of an intellect than Djokovic or Federer. We can only base intelligence from the content of what they are saying, not by how well they speak English.

Nadal isn't a politician or a world leader who needs to speak flawless English, he is a tennis player.
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