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I was surprised to see Saba up at #2 and Mengel at #4. I always thought Saba had more potential than Mengel but until this point Mengel has been the better college player. Redlicki at 3 is about what I expected. Tahir at 6 will be a strong #6 player. I wonder if Semenzato will get into the line-up at some point.

FSU beat Furman and UCF 7-0. The surprise is that Cotrone was playing #1 vs Furman. He has really improved. From a sometimes #6 player to a top 3 at the least, impressive. I saw him play last year. He did seem to have a large arsenal of shots. He wasn't just a stock player. His speed was lacking though, that likely holds him back.

#4 is too high for Reed. That will be a weakness for FSU. Bucaro had a breakthrough year last year so it is surprising to see him actually take a step back this year and move down to #5.

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