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It's no shock I'm all in for Serena. If anyone beats her, I think it will be Vika, but hopefully not. Anything's possible...she did lose 4 times lat year. That Makarova thing is way overblown. She sprained her ankle in Brisbane and just played AO to get points. She rightly figured she could win the first few rounds just standing on the baseline, and with a little luck maybe more. I thought she did pretty good making the fourth round. The FO thing was a mental meltdown. The Woz Miami and Kerber wherever that was were outright wins with no mitigating circumstances. Of course, now that they beat her they must be punished! Still seems the pushers are the ones that can get her. Vika can push but she's getting some all around skills and came real close at USO, so she's the one that makes me nervous.
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