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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
step 1 - at the top of the back swing, aim the face at exactly the intended trajectory

step 2 - cut down and push forward at the same time... you do shift weight to the front foot.

key point (many people do this wrong)... the back of the wrist is 'cupped' at the top of the back swing, but it flattens out and become slightly 'bowed' at the end of the follow thru.... this is the only way to ensure that the face looks at the exact same direction from the start to the finish.

you have this imaginary windshield... it is behind you at the top of the back swing... it is slightly open, and the racket face is on the windshield.... now you wipe it while pushing the windshield forward at the same time... when you finish the shot, the racket face is still flat on the windshield.

you can't miss with this technique.
I'd say there are more check points to it than this.

What do you mean by 'cupped wrist'?
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