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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I'm curious if you will be including Pacific Classic and Klip Legend (non-tour version) in future reviews?

I'm interested in those two strings. I've gathered some information scattered around the forum, so feel free to correct and contribute if you can!

Klip Legend and Pacific Classic are both on the crisp side:

Klip Legend - Crispest of all gut, plus for Klip Legend is that, it comes in 15L.
Pacific Classic - Not as crisp, but still crisp, and there is a break-in period? (Not a fan of that...)

If you've played with the non-Tour Klip Legend, how do you think it compares to the Tour version? Thanks!
Once I'm finished w/ the Legend Tour, I'll revisit regular Legend, alongside the Becker Hero. The Pacific Classic review should be written sometime next week.

I have a USTA Sectionals tournament next weekend, so I don't want to tinker too much before then.

Legend Tour is much less 'crisp' IMO than normal Legend. I don't know if it is the same gut w/ a coating, or if it is a different gut altogether, but after the first minute of hitting, after the 'ping' subsided, it settled in nicely. It reminded me of Pacific Classic. I have no idea why a coating would make it play better, but then again, it may be that I was coming from the Armour Pro.
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