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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
Blake is an 18x20 guy. The only reason I thought it could be his is because it has a retail Pro 1 97 PJ. It could have come from a Philip Petzschner stash or some other Donnay endorsers pro stock whom they want pushing the Pro 1. I'm guessing if you were to weigh it that would help solve the mystery.
TT poster Miami Tiburon seems to always have inside knowledge concerning Donnay.

btw. this thread has pics of the James Blake's 'Donnay' (or Dunlop PJ) stick from a few seasons back
Its definitely from their pro stock stash. Im not sure exactly who's but im trying to figure it out. If blake uses an 18x20 it very likely could be his. I will post more as i get some
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