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Originally Posted by The Big Kahuna View Post
The Polyfiber is VERY soft poly. Given that it appears you are using a FULL poly hybrid, that makes sense. Using the MSV C0F also makes a bit more sense if you are using GUT mains - which was the theme of this thread, "Low Friction Poly Xs for Gut Mains". With gut, you can get a poly that is TOO soft to blend effectively with the gut IMO.
Hi Big Kahuna -

Oh yeah sorry about that. I can see now that I wasn't being very clear. I'm not using a full poly hybrid, and probably never will, my arm is just not having that. My review commentary on the Polyfibre string was comparing two Gut/Poly setups. Two identical racquets, both strung from the same package of gut in the mains, at identical tensions. I had Co-Focus in the crosses of one racquet, and Polyfiber Hitec 18 in the other. That's how I determined with absolute certainty that PolyFibre is more comfortable. This thread has always been, exactly what the title says it is about. The topic and quest not wavered since day one. I'm using Gut/ Co-focus as reference point, just because that's a combination that I'm pretty familiar with, one which I like very much, but just wish were a bit more comfortable. I'm about 90% recovered from a nagging case of TE, and I've become extremely sensitive to string stiffness. My current set up is listed in my signature.

Big thanks for posting the Speckman article! Very cool. I've been posting similar information (including Speckman's "New Physics" article) in the Wilson 99s Racquet thread for weeks now. That thread has become a sort of mecca for all things spin related, and it's become clear to me just how many peeps are unaware of the recent discoveries surrounding low string to string friction.

- Jack
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