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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Ok, my choices have been narrowed down to the following:

1) Dunlop Bio Maxx 200G (haven't tried yet)
2) Donnay Pro 1 97 16x19 (love it so far...just wonder if swingweight might be too heavy)
3) Rebel 98 (haven't tried yet with mods...more weight in handle and string inserts)
4) Yonex xi98 (just tried briefly...need more playtesting time...liked it so far)
5) Wilson BLX 6.1 95 Team (liked it, but needed lots of lead)

So far I have preferred the Donnay, but have yet to try the 200g or xi98. The latter 2 have very similar specs to the Pro 1 but have slightly lower swingweight. The Xi98 actually sounds perfect on paper, but I never liked that weird frame shape. The Rebel is a longshot, but I plan on adding weight to the handle and putting in the string inserts hoping to take away some of that muted feel (ans also to make stringing easier).

I have eliminated the Wilson 2012 Blx 6.1 Team (too muted on slightly off center hits), the Prestige S (not user friendly enough...small sweetspot and low power) and the Vcore 95d (too heavy and small sweetspot). Out of these 3, I played best with the Wilson. I did like it, but it had a muted "numb" feeling on hits outside the sweetspot that I didn't like. Maybe that's the Wilson Amplifeel handle, I don't know. I nothing else works out, I might revisit it. The on court results were good.
Wait..I thought you tried the P1 awhile back and you gave it up because it was "sluggish" and you preferred the Volkl O8 315 ?

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