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Anyway here are the check points for the fed slice:

. start w/ racquet up high and behind head
. every thing is relaxed and loose at this point. no tension in arm and wrist
. bring the racquet down and across the body. the swing actually goes across the body. don't chop down on a straight line towards the net. this will cause you to open the face resulting in a floater. the racquet path goes across.
. weight transfer and hit off the front foot.
. make contact only very slightly in front of your front foot. almost on the side of your body. Not far out in front as in a 1hbh.
. firm wrist at contact. don't break the wrist with any radial deviation or extension. The wrist and racquet stay in the same relationship as it was when it was above your head at the beginning of the swing.
. throw your off hand back otherwise you will open up before contact and that will result in a floater. Don't swing by rotating your trunk. keep that relatively still. use the off hand to prevent that.
. you should finish w/ racquet and off hand both behind your body.
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