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Tomic's treatment by the media is a function of is own behaviour and anti-charm. He's dumb as a stick and arrogant to the point of psychosis. Unfortunately that very arrogance is a great asset on court and as pointed out above gives him a great degree of self-belief on big points and the courage to hit his shots. His problem is that he can't turn this competitive arrogance off when he's in front of the cameras. He is trying though and has clearly gotten some coaching/advice in the off season, however, his efforts to suck up to audiences in Perth and Sydney were comically transparent. In an interview after beating Djokovic he used the phrase, "All credit to myself..." about his performance with no idea that the protocol is to use this construction to praise your opponent's performance. Clang! He's also said he will make top ten this year and that he's going to be the greatest to play the game. This kind of vainglorious guff is OK in your nighttime fantasies (or perhaps if you're a boxer) but turns a lot of tennis fans off.

He will cause a few upsets in the future but I fear I will never warm to him as I never did to Hewitt for somewhat similar reasons. I'm not troubled by patriotism so it's easy for me to root for the other guy when he's playing. Having said that I'd like to see him reach the third round to see Federer give him a lesson in humility.
“There is no best. There is just the discussion of who is best. Federer, he will always be in the first part of such a discussion.” Rino Tommasi
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